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2018 New Feed Mill Mountain West Pierson Construction Pierson Construction Albion, MI
2018 Load out facility Co-Alliance Omni Local Goodland, IN
2018 Blending facility Hartington Feed & Chick EBM EBM Hartington, NE
2017 Misc industrial Structures Pioneer Keen Process Solutions Keen Process Solutions multiple
2017 Coffee Bean Storage Swiss Water Modern Process Eqpt Local Vancouver, BC
2017 Load out facility FS-Frontier Midwest General Repair Midwest General Repair Ixonia, WI
2017 New Feed Mill Insight-FS Midwest General Repair Midwest General Repair Brandon, WI
2016 Ethanol Plant Structure The Andersons - ICM Pierson Construction Pierson Construction Albion, MI
2016 Feed Mill Expansion ADM Alliance Nutrition Pierson Construction Pierson Construction Springfield, MO
2016 Coffee Bean Storage Parmount Coffee Modern Process Eqpt Modern Process Eqpt Lansing, MI
2016 Soybean bulk storage expansion Pioneer Weitz Industrial Weitz Industrial Aurelia, IA
2016 Process Bldg Reconstruction Pioneer Keen Process Solutions Keen Process Solutions Laurinburg, NC
2016 Ingredient Bin Replacement Hubbard Feeds Hubbard Feeds Manchester Shipshewanna, IN
2015 Storage and process bins Syngenta Knutson Bratney Stanton, MN
2015 Sunflower seed bins ConAgra Bratney Bratney Waterloo, IA
2015 Coffee Bean Storage Philz Coffee Modern Process Eqpt Modern Process Eqpt Oakland, CA
2015 Feed Mill Expansion Adell Co-Op Midwest General Repair Midwest General Repair Adel, WI
2014 Fertilizer Process Tower Iowa Fertilizer Co CPD CPD Weaver, IA
2014 Soybean Process Bin Pioneer Weitz Weitz Utica, IL
2014 Fertilizer Tower Farmer's Co-op Weitz Weitz Perry, IA
2014 Ingredient Bin Replacement ADM Alliance Nutrition ADM Alliance Nutrition Pierson Construction Hatillo, PR
2014 Ethanol Plant Structure Dakota Spirit AgEnergy Gateway Construction Gateway Construction Spiritwood, ND
2013 Ingredient Load Out Bins MidAmerica Feeds MidAmerica Feeds Local Tallala, OK
2013 Pet Food Mill Expansion Fromm Family Foods Fromm Family Foods Mid-States Erecting Columbus, WI
2013 Feed Mill Expansion Grupo Oro Grupo Oro Local Quito, Equador
2013 Feed Mill Expansion Kerber Milling Kerber Milling First Rate Industries Emmetsburg, IA
2013 Bulk Storage Monsanto Monsanto Weitz Waco, NE
2013 Seed corn Dryer Syngenta Elwer Engineering Elwer Engineering Kunia, HI
2012 Surge Bins Munson Hybrids Popp Engineering Local Galesburg, IL
2012 Grain Elevator Structural Towers Gavilon Adams Building Const. Adams Building Const. Warren, IL
2012 Stairtower/Platform Pioneer Prairie Engineering Prairie Engineering Tipton, IN
2012 Process Bins Pioneer Popp Engineering Local Shell Rock, IA
2012 Cleaner Bins Monsanto Titan Construction Titan Construction Windfall, IN
2012 Surge Bins Monsanto Monsanto Monsanto Illiopolis, IL
2012 Discard Bins Pioneer Weitz Industrial Weitz Industrial Grand Rapids, OH
2012 Replacement Dryer Flooring Pioneer Weitz Industrial Weitz Industrial Rushville, IN
2012 Bulk Storage System Becks Seed Elwer Engineering Elwer Engineering Atlanta, IN
2011 Bin Replacement, Process Equipment Land O Lakes Land O Lakes First Rate Industries Nashville, IL
2011 Seed Corn Pilot Dryers Syngenta Elwer Engineering Elwer Engineering Kauai, HI
2011 Bin Replacement Kerber Milling Kerber Milling Local Emmetsburg, IA
2011 Bulk Storage System Remington Seed Elwer Engineering Elwer Engineering Francesville, IN
2011 Let Down Ladders Monsanto ACME Erectors ACME Erectors Mathews, MO
2011 Bulk Storage System Pioneer Weitz Industrial Weitz Industrial Laurinburg, NC
2011 Bin Replacement Bunge Bunge First Rate Industries Decatur, IN
2011 Bulk Storage System, Bins, Structure Pioneer Weitz Industrial Weitz Industrial Renwick, IA
2011 Storage Bins Empresas MELO, SA Empresas MELO, SA Local Panama
2011 Bin System, Process Equipment Productos Toledana, SA Productos Toledano, SA Local Panama
2010 Feed Mill System, Bins, Structure, Hoppers Haskins Company Haskins Company Local Caldwell, ID
2010 Feed Mill SOFAB Agro Globe Engineering Local Burkina Faso, Africa
2010 Bins/hoppers Fromm Family Foods Fromm Family Foods Central Mech. Systems Columbus, WI
2010 Bean let-down ladders Monsanto Monsanto Redwood Falls, MN
2010 Bins/hoppers Grupo Melo Grupo Melo Local Panama
2009 Ingredient bins Tyson Tyson Harmony, NC
2009 Soy bean bins Monsanto Monsanto Plains Contructions Centralia, IL
2008 Seed corn dryer panels AEC New Virginia, IA
2008 Seed corn conditioning tower bins Monsanto Monsanto Fagen Waco, NE
2008 60 ingredient storage Hill's Pet Food Nutrition Kajima-Austin Plains Construction Emporia, KS
2008 Feed mill ingredient bins, scale, structure Heartland Quality Egg First Rate Industries First Rate Industries West Mansfield, OH
2008 2 bin dust and cob load out Syngenta Agro Globe Engineering Waterloo, NE
2008 Load out bin system Harvest Land Co-op Rebsco Rebsco Hagerstown, IN
2007 4 bin bagging system and mezzanine Kaytee Kaytee Chilton, WI
2006 24 unit seed corn dryer Monsanto Environmental Contractors Plains Construction Waterman, IL
2006 200 ton aggregate bin and structure Mixer Systems Pewaukee, WI
2006 Feed mill bin system Convaca Convaca Barquisemeto, Venezuela
2005 Seed corn production dryer Monsanto Agro Globe Engineering Gateway Builders Illiopolis, IL
2005 Bulk loadout addition and unload pit Kerber Milling Kerber Milling Gateway Builders Emmetsburg, IA
2005 Yard conveyor & receiving tunnel supports Cargill First Rate Industries First Rate Industries Tipton, IN
2005 Feed mill bin system Miller Bean Voldco Voldco Breckenridge, MN
2017 Stainless Steel tank Baso Gas Products Baso Gas Products Baso Gas Products Watertown, WI
2016 Equipment Platform Coreslab Structures Mixer Systems Mixer Systems Ocklahoma City, OK
2016 Concrete plant storage silo St. Mary's Cement Pierson Construction Pierson Construction Charlevoux, MI
2015 Heated water tank Cargill Cargill Local Dayton, VA
2014 Steel Towers Mixer Systems Local
2013 Equipment Platforms Monsanto Monsanto Local Middleton, WI
2012 Steel Platforms DuPont Prairie Eng Prairie Eng Tipton, IN
2011 Automotive Ovens Heatek Automotive Local Detroit, MI
2010 Tank Bridges Proctor & Gamble Apache Stainless Local Louisiana
2009 ATM Vestibule TRS Watertown, WI
2008 Hydro electric dam gate Hydrocomponents Hydrocomponents Watertown, WI
2008 Condensor tank skirt Apache Stainless Beaver Dam, WI
2007 Paint mix tank Rooftek Rooftek Johnson Creek, WI
2018 SD75-22 bakery waste Hearthside Foods Hearthside Foods Local Knoxville, TN
2018 SD75-22 chicken manure Ecolonature Ecolonature Local Val d'Or, QC
2017 SD105-32 sawdust Roseburg Forrest Prdcts Roseburg Forrest Products Local Taylorsville, MS
2017 SD60-18 dairy manure Crave Bros Crave Bros Crave Bros Waterloo, WI
2016 SD105-32 chicken renderings American Proteins American Proteins Local Hanceville, AL
2016 SD110-34 cranberry pumace Dry Feed Ingredients Dry Feed Ingredients Local Plover, WI
2015 SD75-22 humate fertilizer Horizon Ag Horizon Ag Local Cuba, NM
2015 SD90-30 manure for bedding Pagel Ponderosa Dairy Pagel Ponderosa Dairy First Rate Industries Kewaunee, WI
2015 SD90-30 municpal sludge Clayton County Clayton County Local Atlanta, GA
2015 SD110-34 Sawdust JD Wood JD Wood Local Fairmont, NC
2014 SD105-60 Bakery Waste Reconserve Reconserve Local Memphis, TN
2014 SD105-32 Potato Waste WI Dehyd. Products WI Dehydration Products First Rate Industries Wisconsin Rapids, WI
2014 SD125-48 Sawdust Patterson Wood Prod. Patterson Wood Products Local Nacogdoches, TX
2013 SD105-32 Feather Meal American Protein American Protein Local Hanceville, AL
2013 SD7110-34 Alfalfa Toledo Alfalfa Toledo Alfalfa Local Toledo, OH
2013 SD75-22 Cow Manure Green Vallery Dairy Green Vallery Dairy First Rate Industries Krakow, WI
2013 SD105-32 Potato Waste Larsen Farms Larsen Farms ASI Dalhart, TX
2013 SD75-22 Bakery Waste American Bread Crumbs American Bread Crumbs Local Levittown, PA
2013 SD10-43 Animal Feed Westway Feed Westway Feed First Rate Industries Cordova, IL
2012 SD90-30 Feed Gilton Gilton Local Stockton, CA
2012 SD90-30 (2) Distillers Grain Chivas Brothers Chivas Brothers Local Glasgow, Scotland
2012 SD130-60 Sawdust Varn Varn Local Hoboken, GA
2011 SD75 Sawdust Kerry Ingredients Kerry Ingredients Local Tennessee
2011 Cooling Cyctem - Citrus Waste Citrus Fruit Citrus Fruit Local Huichiauaxan, MX
2011 SD90-30 Municipal Sludge Clayton County Georgia Clayton County Local Jonesboro, GA
2011 SD105-32 (2) Municipal Sludge NEFCO NEFCO Local Shakopee, MN
2010 SD105-32 for bulger wheat ADM ADM First Rate Industries Abilene, KS
2010 SD90-30 for wood sawdust Keystone Pellet Keystone Pellet Local Palmerton, PA
2010 SD90-30 for canola waste Bio-Exx Bio-Exx Local Saskatoon, SK
2009 SD110-34 for wood sawdust Crabbe & Sons Renewable Solutions New Bristol, NB
2009 SD75-22 portable skid mount Idaho National Lab Idaho Falls, ID
2009 SD105-40 for wood sawdust Allegheny Pellet Equipment Dynamics Youngsville, PA
2008 SD130-60 for wood sawdust Indeck Energy Unlimited Energy Unlimited Ladysmith, WI
2007 SD90-30 for municipal sludge Clayton County Clayton County Morrow, GA
2007 SD85-25 for brewer's grains Black Velvet Whiskey Black Velvet Whiskey Lethbridge, Alberta
2007 SD125-48 for municipal sludge Enertech HDR Design Build Rialto, CA
2007 SD110-34 for wood sawdust J & D Wood J & D Wood Fairmount, NC
2007 SD105-32 for wood sawdust American Wood Fibers American Wood Fibers Louisville, KY
2006 SD90-28 for alfalfa Christiano Christiano Leicester, NY
2005 SD125-60 for wood flour AERT Energy Unlimited Energy Unlimited Springdale, AR
2005 SD125-42 for municipal sludge NEFCO HDR Design-Build West Palm Beach, FL