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Alfalfa Meat packing by-products Aggregate Green pea flour
Bakery waste Paper pulp & sludge Stone Iodized salt
Bananas Rice Plastic Lamb meal
Bone Peat moss Barley, cracked Meat protein isolate
Brewer's grains Potato moss Beetpulp, pellets Milo
Manure, cattle and poultry Sawdust Brewer's rice Oat groats
Citrus pulp Seed corn Brown rice Pasta
Coffee grounds Municipal sludge Calcium phosphate Pea bran meal
Feather meal Sugar beet pulp Calcium carbonate Pork meal
Fish scrap Bagasse Calcium sulfate Potato crush
Forest products Tobacco Cellulose Potato protein
Fruit waste Tomato pomace Chicken meal Potato starch
Grain by-products Vegetable waste Corn gluten meal Poultry meal
Humus Distiller's grains Corn starch Rabbit meal
Industrial waste Wet/dry miller's by products Dried egg Soy protein isolate
Leafy drug plants Wood chips Dried potato product Soybean meal
Marine vegetation Wafers and wood waste Duck meal Flaxseed
Seed corn Venison meal
Whole corn Wheat