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Modular Steel Bins & Hoppers Baker-Rullman Structural Steel Feed & Seed Mill Systems
In addition to the major support steel, Baker-Rullman also supplies ladders, catwalks, platforms, railing fall protection beams, and trusses for virtually all other components of your plant. Each element of the system is designed to fit and to make installation easier and less costly. Elements of the total system, such as the support tower for a grain elevator are often pre-fabricated by Baker-Rullman. They arrive at the plant site in sizable, pre-assembled sections for faster erection.
With several professional engineers on staff, licensed in a mulititude of states, our systems are compliant with all applicable local, state, or federal codes.
The bolt-on method employed by Baker-Rullman provides a recommended installation sequence that assures a secure structure that's erected in less time.